Gear Pump
Jinyang EPS Gear pump - JGP
Gear pumps for extrusion of thermoplastics.

Screen changer
All of screen changer breaker plates are equipped with screen mesh suitable for the required filtration rate.
To change the screens, each piston is moved out of the housing separately by means of a hydraulic cylinder.
Single screen type is discontinuous, but it can be change just 2~3 second. In case of double screen changer, during the quick screen change procedure, the melt continues to flow through the other piston, thus ensuring that the system works in a continuous filtration

Semi auto Thick sheet winder (PC WINDER)
PC winder had been invented for roll up the solid material sheet. PC winder could be make efficient space and it can be able to manufacture long sheet.
Generally, Thick and solid sheet had been manufactured by stacking system.
Some manufacturer had rolled up the long sheet after produce.
This manufacturing method has many problems which are danger, excessive tiredness and so on of worker. So, this method needs much time and cost.
If you have these problem, PC winder can be solved these problem. PC winder’s manufacturing process just simple.
First, User has to supply the flat sheet for winding. Then, clamp the sheet edge by the clamping unit. The clamping unit operated by air cylinder. If clamping the sheet will be finished, winding preparation process 

JTD series can be designed by customer requirement and considered variety polymer properties.
Each different polymer’s fluid flow is analysed by specialized programming tool and
our long experience. Moreover, user can choose the proper T-die which has different function,
surfacing and coating for certain industries.


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